Refuah Yeshuah - Support and Assistance for Seriously Ill Children in Israel

Refuah Yeshuah is a non-profit organization that has been active for nearly thirty years assisting, directing, giving medical counseling and networking for seriously ill children and their families.

Since its inception, Refuah Yeshuahh has given seriously ill patients and their families the ultimate weapon against the distress of illness; emotional and financial support through a wealth of programs that bring smiles to children and hope to their families. We do it whole-heartedly, with compassion and love.
Our Accomplishments at a Glance
This year at a glance
  • $500,000 spent on medical Expenses
  • Over 400,000 children with cancer are helped each year
  • 17 children were sent overseas for medical treatment this year
  • 1,200 meals served monthly
  • 158 volunteers working tirelessly to help with the sick children
  • 21 housing suites for families and outpatients
  • 3,500 gifts distributed through our toy drives
  • Over 1,200 hospital transport trips annually
  • 120 children attended medically supervised summer camp
And so much more we must do…
Refuah Yeshuah
5229 New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219
Tel: 718-436-0666